Whether your vehicle needs repairs or a service visit, it's time to get new tires or you're in the market for a used vehicle, come to Cliff's Automotive Repair LLC. 

Auto Repair Services

 The  repair work that we can do here at Cliff's Automotive Repair LLC ranges from light to medium duty work including;
  • Air conditioning service/repair
  • Brake service and repairs 
  • Oil changes & other maintenance
  • Auto transmission overhauls
  • Remanufactured and used engines
  • Fleet service and much more!
Is your check engine light on? Call Cliff’s  to quickly and accurately diagnose your vehicle’s problem today. We utilize cutting-edge computer technology paired with knowledgeable expertise and plain old-fashioned “know-how” and experience to successfully pinpoint any issues you may be experiencing. The vehicles of today are incredibly complex and something as simple as a dirty wire on an air intake sensor can create havoc on your engine’s performance. Whether your alternator needs repairs, your electrical system is malfunctioning or you’re just not sure what’s wrong, contact us today we can help.
Car tires at warehouse in tire store in OH

We've Got Tires!

If you're interested in new tires, make Cliff's  your first choice.  We have a great selection of car and truck tires made by most leading manufacturers.
We can also check your wheel alignment.  Please contact us today in order to get started!
If You Have Any Questions, Get In Touch With Us Today: (419) 822-4505!
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